Our Services. 

We will clean up and double-bag all the waste in your front and back yards.  Then we will tie off the bag securely and deposit it in your outside trash can, unless local ordinances require that the pet waste be disposed of in the landfill.  In that case, we will remove the waste from your property and dispose of it in the landfill.  To protect your pet’s health, we use a disinfectant solution on our tools and shoes between each customer’s yard to avoid cross-contamination of deadly viruses.  Moreover, if our technicians notice anything unusual about your pet’s feces, we will notify you promptly so that corrective action can be taken.  We are pet owners ourselves and we care about the health of your pet.

Aggressive Dogs and Safety Concerns. 

You do not have to remove or confine your dog from your yard while we clean it unless you know it is very protective and may attack our technicians.  You know your dog better than anyone else, so we would expect you to confine your dog while we do our duty for the personal safety of our technicians if this is the case.  However, we are dog friendly and won't mind working around your dog as long as he or she remains friendly, too.  We are very conscientious and will strive to make sure that your dog doesn’t escape while we are working in your yard.This means that we will close the gate behind us when we enter and exit the yard and take whatever precautions necessary to keep your dog in the yard while we are working.

Service Contracts/Skipping a Service/Termination. 

There are no contracts to sign and you may at times elect to skip a service.   However, we do ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if at all possible so that you will not be billed for service that you did not receive. This ensures that we are best able to serve your needs.  Help us to help you.

Locked Gates. 

If you have a padlock or a combination lock on your gate, you will need to ensure that it is unlocked on the day we come to clean your yard. We will be sure to lock it when we leave. Otherwise, you will need to provide us with a means to enter the yard.  If we arrive and the gate is locked and we cannot enter, we will call you to gain access.  Please note:  There is a $7 “Lockout Fee” that will be charged to that day’s service if we arrive on your property and we cannot gain access to your yard to clean it.  Ideally, you and I will make some kind of arrangement to avoid this (agreed time for arrival, etc.).   Again, help us to help you.


When you elect to have a One-Time Cleaning, payment is due at the time of service, no exceptions.  We will also collect payment on the very first visit for the initial visit fee plus the first week of service fee (see "Rates" for explanation of fees) after we finish that first cleaning.  After that, you will be sent an invoice monthly.  Invoices are due ten (10) days after receipt.  To prevent service interruption, please pay on time.  You may elect to pre pay for a month's worth of service each month and enjoy a 5% discount. 


We strive to be the best at what we do, so we have a guarantee for our services.  If at any time we fail to satisfy you, please notify us within 24 hours of a poor cleaning and we will come back out to re-clean your property within the next 24 hours at no additional cost to you.