Residential Rates*

The rates for our services depend on how often you would like to have your yard cleaned and how many dogs you have; however no job is too big or too small.   The chart below outlines our rates:

* (Add $10 for the very first thorough initial cleaning; after that, these regular posted rates will apply for regularly scheduled service.)

 No. of dogs Once a Week Twice a Week Every Other Week One Time  Only 
 One Dog $12 per visit billed at $52 per month $9 per visit billed at $78 a month $20 per visit billed at $44 per month $55 flat rate
 Two Dogs $15 per visit billed at $65 per month $12 per visit billed at $104 per month $25 per visit billed at $55 per month $69 flat rate
 Three Dogs $18 per visit billed at $78 per month $15 per visit billed at $130 per month $30 per visit billed at $65 per month $85 flat rate
 Four Dogs $21 per visit billed at $91 per month $18 per visit billed at $156 per month $35 per visit billed at $76 per month $105 flat rate
 Five Dogs $24 per visit billed at $104 per month $21 per visit billed at $182 per month $40 per visit billed at $87 per month $115 flat rate

(More than five dogs?  Call for a quote.) 

Commercial Rates For commercial rates, please call or e-mail for a quote.  We will make an appointment for an on-site inspection of the property that you need to have cleaned and will give you a quote on the spot.

Other Species

Cat Litter Exchange—We will provide you with an additional litter box ($10 deposit per box applies) filled with fresh cat litter.  On the day you are scheduled for service, simply place your dirty cat litter box outside where we will dump it and fill it with fresh litter.  If you (or your cat) prefer a particular brand of cat litter, you must provide it for us.  Upon termination of service, you must return the litter box to us to have your deposit returned to you.The fee for Cat Litter Exchange is $10 per visit if we are not already servicing your yard, and $5 per visit if we are already there servicing your yard. 

            Rabbits, birds, rodentsCall us for a quote so that we can assess your needs.


Anyone can qualify for a 5% discount on our services simply by pre-paying for a month of service up front. Otherwise, see if you qualify for any of the following discounts (be prepared to show you qualify):

5% discount—veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, college students.

10% discount—seniors 65 and older, assistance dog owners, police dog owners, search and rescue dog owners, handicapped dog owners.


For details about our referral program, see the link at the bottom of this page titled “Refer a Friend”.

Lockout Fee--There is a $7 “Lockout Fee” that will be charged to that day’s service if we arrive on your property and we cannot gain access to your yard to clean it.